Family (one) Day

Instead of being an event promoting inclusiveness and mutual understanding, the “Family Day” stresses the importance of the traditional family – the only possible, legitimate family. The rally organized to go against the “DDL Cirinnà” represents, then, the hypocrisy of Scribes and Pharisees

On January 30th, the city of Rome hosted the “Family Day“- a demonstration organized by several Catholic associations defending the sacred value of the traditional family. The place where the rally took place was the Circo Massimo, which is a huge, green area in the center of the city. The event was organized for a purely political purpose: to overthrow the “DDL Cirinnà”. The catchphrase of the rally was “Difendiamo I Nostri Figli” (let’s protect our children). From what should they be protected? From Cirinna’s bill, which wants to regulate same-sex unions and introduce the stepchild adoption for homosexual couples. Since the stepchild adoption is seen as a surreptitious way of introducing the “utero in affitto” (literally, rented womb – an offensive way of referring to surrogacy), Cirinnà’s bill seriously threatens the ‘natural family’ – the only legitimate one. According to the President of CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference), Angelo Bagnasco, the “DDL Cirinnà” represents a serious and irresponsible distraction from Italy’s real problems. Furthermore, the natural family is an institution on which Italy is radically based. Cirinnà’s bill wants to extend civil unions and stepchild adoption to homosexual couples, making thus natural what is, actually, not natural at all. ‘Family’ is an anthropological fact, and not an ideological one. As a consequence, children cannot be treated like goods, and Italy has to prevent future generations from being ruined by the “DDL Cirinnà”. The Catholic associations at Circus Maximus are still very proud of and rigid on their position. Indeed, during the event, they kept repeating that there were two million people to support the cause against rainbow families.


I am sorry to disappoint Angelo Bagnasco and all the Catholic groups who were at the Family Day, but there is the need to clarify two things. First off, as it often happens in Italy, figures are ridiculously exaggerated. In no way the Circo Massimo can host two million people: it’s a matter of physical space. The area cannot host more than 250.000 people. Why lying about the effective number of people? Secondly, reality is (thankfully) much more complex than the one described by the Cardinal Bagnasco. ‘Family’ is NOT an anthropological fact. ‘Family’ is a purely cultural institution, which is born within society and develops with it. Social customs keep changing in time, and different types of families have been created: there are single parents, blended families, rainbow families, and families without children. Why not taking into consideration such a variety? The truth is that those people who were at the Family Day to ‘protect children’ are still denying the opportunity for Italy to become a pluralistic, inclusive country.


Why protesting, in the name of God, against other human beings, namely homosexual people, who want just the same rights that heterosexuals have? Isn’t Jesus the one who said “if anyone says ‘I love God’ and hates his brother, he is a liar?” (John 4:20) Why conceiving rainbow families not real families? Isn’t Jesus the one who said “do not judge, or you too will be judged?” (Matthew 7:1) According to the people at the Circo Massimo, growing up with two moms or two dads is a sin, because two women and two men don’t constitute a family. Yet, isn’t Jesus the one who said “who is without sin can cast the first stone?” (John 8:7) Speaking of which, God was present at the Circo Massimo in almost any invocation in order to clarify His will, which is to protect the traditional family. The “DDL Cirinnà” wants to recognize same-sex couples as proper unions, and this means legalizing unnatural couples. This is the reason why Cirinnà’s bill has to be rejected: it’s for the sake of the Italian law. However, civil law is completely different from moral law. Juridical realm and religious realm should be set apart from each other. After all, isn’t Jesus the one who said “give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s?” (Matthew 22:21)

Massimo Gandolfini: "The DDL Cirinnà has to be completely rejected"

The God of the Gospel and the God of the Family Day seem two different people, then: the latter shouts “NO to the DDL Cirinnà”, while the former claims “this is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) Therefore, do these Catholics at the Circus Maximus believe in another God? Do they profess another religion? Have they red another Gospel? I don’t want to answer these questions, since everyone responds to his/her own conscience. I rather prefer to conclude by simply quoting Woody Allen, who said: “I have nothing against God, it’s his fan club that scares me.”


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