Family (every) Day

As a response to the “Family Day”, Italian LGBT associations created the campaign called “Family, Every Day” to stress the importance of being a family 365 days per year

Few days after the “Family Day”, the Catholic event stressing the importance and legitimacy of the traditional family, the “Circolo di cultura omosessuale Mario Mieli” started a brilliant campaign called “Family, Every Day”. In collaboration with “Famiglie Arcobaleno”, “CondividiLove”, “Muccassassina”, “Giam” and “Coming Out”, the initiative aims at raising awareness on the existence of rainbow families in Italian society. They are families every day, and not just for one day of the year. The main, serious problem is that these families lack a right and proper legal recognition as well as a fair legislative protection for their children – something that the “DDL Cirinnà” is trying to fix.

Through the “Family, Every Day” campaign, the LGBT community wants to send a clear message to politicians: the essence of a family lies in the ability of those individuals who have decided to undertake a common path with their partner by sharing love, respect, responsibility and life choices every single day. Therefore, the campaign created by the “Circolo di cultura omosessuale Mario Mieli” reclaims the concept of ‘family’ and highlights the fact that ‘family’ is a property and a treasure of the Italian community as a whole, and not a prerogative of a small élite.

Published in several, important Italian newspapers such as “Corriere della Sera” and “La Repubblica”, the campaign reaffirms the full dignity of every kind of family through the brilliant slogan “L’unica tradizione che conta è l’amore” (The only tradition that matters is love). In this way, the will of the entire Italian LGBT community is to restate the importance of recognizing every type of family on a juridical perspective. There is not just one, natural, legitimate family – as the people at the Family Day claimed. After all, what is a family? Family is not based on biology, but on on daily responsibility, commitment and respect: in one word, on love. Family, in fact, is anywhere there is love. As a consequence, Italian politicians have to wake up and recognize both rainbow families and children living within them, who are not in danger at all. Indeed, children’s well-being doesn’t depend on the structure of the family but on the relationships intersecting within it.

The initiative promoted by the “Circolo di cultura omosessuale Mario Mieli” was so beautiful and ground-breaking that became viral in a matter of seconds. On any kind of social platforms, users all around Italy changed their profile pictures to restate the concept of being a family every day, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


I want to conclude with a simple reflection. Recently I lost my dad’s parents. They lived together for more than 50 years, and they never felt the need of a Family Day to be reminded of the importance of being a family. They never went to support the “Family Day”, even though they were Catholic, because they decided to be a family every single day. They knew that the watchword of all families is love. Love is what makes a family natural and happy, no matter what the parents’ sexual orientation is. After all, as Tolstoy claims, “all happy families are alike.”


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