Love Shots

On Valentine’s Day, LGBT associations organized a group kiss in front of the Pantheon to face discrimination, to support the “DDL Cirinnà”, and to proudly assert that love is never wrong

Aristotle once said that “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” It doesn’t matter if the couple is composed of a man and a woman, two men, or two women. Love is universal. However, Italy still doesn’t recognize the universality of love, since on a legal, juridical perspective same-sex couples are still considered inferior. As a consequence, on February 14th the Italian LGBT community organized the photographic initiative called “Scatti d’Amore” (Love Shots) at Piazza della Rotonda to urge Italian politicians to approve the “DDL Cirinnà”.


“ArciGay”, “ArciLesbica”, “Famiglie Arcobaleno” and “Circolo di cultura omosessuale Mario Mieli” were the main associations that organized the group kiss to be photographed by several photographers. All the participants placed in a large circle, hand in hand. At 4pm, kisses illuminated the Pantheon: each person kissed and hugged the person next to him/her. Volunteers distributed free rainbow laces, Perugina chocolates and postcards, on which the following motto was written: “un bacio per i diritti. #svegliatitalia” (a kiss for the rights. #wakeupitaly). The event was organized by LGBT associations with the purpose of waking up the Parliament, as it’s time for homosexual love to become visible for the Italian Law. Because love is never wrong. Love has no prejudices, especially on Valentine’s Day. Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman for the Gay Center, said that this year Valentine’s Day comes at a particular time, since the Senate is discussing and examining Cirinnà’s bill during these days. Interestingly enough, the “DDL Cirinnà” represented the legislative measure that made people get interested in the LGBT cause the most. Even at the Sanremo Music Festival, the majority of Italian singers performed with a long, visible rainbow bracelet in support of the “DDL Cirinnà”.

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“I say YES to Cirinnà’s bill”

I went to the event and I decided to be part of the photographic initiative. I kissed my best friend to prove that the right to love belongs to anyone. We kissed against any discrimination and fear of judgment. Because, no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity is, there’s nothing to be ashamed of: love is love. That being said, it was exciting for me to realize that the event on Valentine’s Day was a continuation of the demonstration that took place on January 23rd. Indeed, the place was the same: Piazza della Rotonda. Many young people and older people met and kissed in front of the Pantheon against any discrimination, to claim their rights once again and to show the natural beauty of love. In conclusion, the event having the evocative title “Scatti d’Amore” represented another opportunity for people to express their right to love and their interest in changing this country for the better.

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